• Dark Mulch
  • Cedar Mulch
  • Red Dye Mulch


  • Cypress
  • Midnight Black
Cedar Mulch

Cedar Mulch

A single-ground Eastern Red Cedar (juniper) with a red and gold color. Uniform, coarse grind, pleasant aroma, natural insect deterrents, and a very long life. Used for livestock arenas and landscaping.
$20.00 Per Scoop.

Red Dye Mulch

Red Dye Mulch

Medium to dark red mulch. Primary use is landscaping.
$22.50 Per Scoop.

Black Dyed Mulch

$22.50 Per Scoop

Double Ground Bark

$17.50 Per Scoop

A scoop will cover approximately 40 square feet about 2″ deep.